Addo Elephant Park

Addo Elephant Park

Today we headed off to PE to spend a couple of nights in the amazing Addo Elephant Park.

Here you will see not just the usual Big Five, but the Big Seven, because technically the Addo Elephant National Park is also home to the the Southern Right and Great White Shark. The Park itself has one of the most densely populated elephant herds in the world and is also home to the endangered black rhinoceros and the locally endemic flightless dung beetle, if you like that kind of thing! You should try and book one of the delightful Rondaavels, overlooking the waterhole in the centre of the park. What could be better than that?

Adjacent to the Park, in the town of Kirkwood, is the Daniell Cheetah project which plays a huge part in the conservation of Cheetahs. Unique educational tours are offered by trained guides and you can also enjoy a Predator Tour or a Cheetah Walk.

Did you know that unlike other big cats, Cheetahs cannot roar, but they purr on both inhale and exhale, like domestic cats?

And for some extra excitement there is the Addo Adrenaline. This is South Africa’s longest double zip wire, 500m long and 60m high and it will fly you over the Sundays River at up to 60kph, above the beautiful citrus valley.